Posted by K. Pitts on Mar 3rd 2022

So you thinking about growing out your Stache...

Or maybe you already have one? Either way, you have come to the right spot! If you are looking for first time or you are an experienced beardsman (or stacheman), we will have you covered. We will talk about why, when, style, and lastly what.

Why Do We Want a STACHE?

WHY? Maybe your job will only allow you to have a stache? Maybe you have killer growth skills and like to twirl the stache to think? Or maybe the hair has grown enough to be on you lip and you are thinking about the next step? Either way, Staches stand out and history tells us this! Like a beard, staches can become an iconic icon! Don't believe me? Just look at Tom Selleck, Eddie Murphy, Dick van Dyke, and Sam Elliott are just some of the iconic staches from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today still! 

What is Stache Wax?

Stache wax has a multipurpose use. Some say it is like a 2-in-1 product that not only can it be used to to achieve a certain look, but may contain nourishing ingredients that moisturize to prevent itchiness and dandruff. Beard Shack Stache Wax has been formulated to do just this and more! Now there are different strengths of stashe wax. Depending on who made it, it can be a soft hold all the way to a super stiff hold for competitions. It all just depends on your needs and the needs of the moment are. Some competitors and diy'ers enjoy making their on. While others enjoy a consistent product. But what does it really do, you ask? The main goal of Stache wax is to keep hair off of your lip! We all love to eat. At some point, if you never used stache wax, you would get it in your food or bite it during the process. Other benefits include styling, scent, conversation, thinking as you twirl it, and on on!

I'm Committed!

Excellent! Now that you are committed, here's what you need to know. Just like your beard and your head hair, it will grow differently. Differently? Yes Differently! Your stache hair is one of the slowest hair to grow, so patience is number one! While its growing though, you can start training it now! Start by either using a brush or you fingers, and brushing it to the side. (That is unless you have decided to grow a walrus or a variant of it.) By doing this, you are training your hair to go into the direction you want it too. This is the point where Stache Wax comes into play. 


The best time to apply moustache wax is after a shower. This is when your beard is completely clean and the hairs are softest, making it easier to apply the wax and style to your liking. With Beard Shack Stache Wax, there are two ways to apply.


Twist the bottom of the container until wax shows. Using your thumb, scrape a small amount of wax with the back of your nail. Don't forget, Less is more!


Warm the wax between your pointer finger and thumb until all clumps are smoothed out and melted.


Apply the product to the stache using your pointer finger and thumb in a pulling-away motion, almost like pinching the hairs between your fingers. Start from the middle and pull and pinch your way outwards. STYLE!

Sometimes a second small amount is needed. Repeat steps if needed. Don't forget to twist the ends!

The second way, is to twist the bottom for desired amount. Then in a pulling-away motion apply the wax straight to the stache. Use a comb to even out any product and stray hairs. Style and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Please note that the first way is more traditional and very hands (fingers) on! While the second, uses a no touchie method that might come in handy if you are out and about and don't want to touch your face. One never knows just how dirty a public restroom might be!  

You can also apply Stache Wax throughout the day if needed whenever you feel like styling your moustache a certain way. Smaller staches will not need as much wax on a daily bases. 


There isn’t a “best” moustache wax per se. It just comes down to personal preference and what kind of scent you like. Nonetheless, Beard Shack Stache Wax is easy to apply and has a long lasting hold! Just check out some of our Stache Wax reviews for recommendations and customer favorites.