Posted by K. Pitts on Mar 3rd 2022

So you thinking about growing out your Stache...Or maybe you already have one? Either way, you have come to the right spot! If you are looking for first time or you are an experienced beardsman (or st … read more

Things you should ask before buying...

Posted by K. Pitts on Jan 16th 2018

As a Beardsman, you may want to be careful when buying beard oil... Sure you can buy a cheap bottle of oil for a buck or two, no different than you can buy a cheap plastic comb…but that cheap plastic … read more

What is No-Shave November?

Posted by K. Pitts on Nov 1st 2017

No-Shave November is an organization that encourages people to donate what they would otherwise spend on hair grooming to the American Cancer Society. It is an American take on Movember, which began i … read more

Finding that Barber

Posted by K. Pitts on Oct 10th 2017

Finding that barber can be a daunting task. I to have had some "bad professionals" hack away on me. How angry would you be if you spent all that time getting your beard to the length you want? Then in … read more

Plastic Comb VS Your Beard

Posted by K. Pitts on Sep 27th 2017

Its versus time...Let get down to it. Cheap, plastic combs aren't ideal for beards. When using one to work through your beard there can be a build up of static which can have a detrimental e … read more