Freedom Stache WAX


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Inroducing the lastest from Beard Shack!

Beard Shack Stache WAX is beyond any wax you have used before! Easy application and long lasting hold, Your stache will thank you! Just like our oil, balm, and butter, we use all natural raw ingredients to pack powerfull punch of nutrients and performance! With the twist bottom design, you have the option to take it on the go! You also apply it straight out of the container. 

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Without being on the poletical side of things, FREEDOM has a lot of different meanings now days. Freedom here at The Beard Shack is the ability to express oneself's beard the way they want too with a black cherry scent on top. And what better way to celebrate this, is by getting the best beard products on the market! Join us in this rebellion so you can experience our newest scent in our oil, balm, butter, stache wax, and all natural beard/body soap!


Scent Profile: Patriotic, musk, bourban, cederwood, vanilla, bay leaf, bay rum, topped with black cherry


Size .5oz

Ingredeints: Beeswax, Illipe butter, Pine Tar

** These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please test on a small area of the skin for allergens before normal use.